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2018-2019 SCHEDULE
  1. November 23-24 2018
    Team Nextup Thanksgiving Challenge Games
  2. December 21-22 2018
    Team Nextup Christmas Challenge Games
  3. January 4-5 2019
    Team Nextup New Year Challenge Games
  4. February 15-16 2019
    Team Nextup V-Day Classic Challenge Games
  5. March 15-16 2019
    Team Nextup March Madness Challenge Tournament
1. Length of Games: 3rd - 6th grade two 12 minute halves 7th - HS two 15 minute halves
2. Timeouts: Two Full and Two 30 second per game. One additional time out for overtime period
3. Overtime: Two  minute play, if still tied then the team that score the first field goal.( foul shots don't count)
4. Mercy Rule: 20 point lead at anytime the clock will continue to run until the lead is back to 10 points. The clock can stop for timeouts only
5. Player fouls and team fouls are played by the High School rules including bonus shots and disqualifications.These rules also covers any technical foul situation.
6. Coaches are responsible for their team and anyone on the bench. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not excepted and the officials on the court will have the authority to deal with any issues. If a coach is ejected he must leave for that game and the site director will determine if he or she can return for the next game. If there is no assistant coach to finish the game it will be a forfeit.
7. The Tournament or Site Director will have the final authority on any situation on or off the court.
8. Teams must have a scorekeeper and the home team will be the official book. The home team will be listed first on the schedule.
9. Coaches must check in prior to their first game at the registration table. A maximum of two coaches will get in free.
10.Teams should arrive 20 minutes before scheduled time.We can start early if both teams agree. If a team is late for the start of a game the site director will put the game time up and run the clock. A point will be given to the other for each minute late and the game will be started at that point with the time on the clock. If the team is not there at the half then it's called a forfeit. 
11. A player can only play in one grade division for the tournament. They can play up a grade but not down.
Each player must be in the proper grade or age during the spring season going though the summer until August 31st.
If a players grade or age is questioned by a head coach it must be done prior to the start of the game and proof of age or grade must be given or the player will sit. (school ID or Birth Certificate) Ruling by site director.After the game there  is a $100.00 protest fee and it will be refunded if the request is won.
4th grade 10u, 5th grade 11u, 6th grade12u, and 7th grade 13u. 8th grade 14u, 9th grade 15u , 10th grade 16u and 11th and 12th grade varsity*** Coaches must have proof of player age and grade at check in so that any issues can be resolved. No proof during a protest the player is considered illegal and any games played are forfeited. 
12. The ball size used will be (28.5) for all Girls games and Boys 6th grade and under.6th grade can play with a bigger ball if both teams agree.7th grade and up will play with the regular ball.
13. A team must have five players to start a game and can finish with less than five
Pool play and Round Robin ties will be determined by: 1) Head to Head 2) Total points score and then if tied a coin toss.
The site director can mediate a situation but has no say of an officials on the court calls.
Each team is responsible for having their own trainer.
************** No Refunds if you cancel the week of the tournament  **************